Alen County Young Authors celebration

Students, teachers and lovers of the written word assembled on Friday night for the 17th annual Allen County Young Authors’ celebration dinner.
In a world of 140 character ‘tweets’, grammatically-mangled ‘text-speak’ and wanton disregard for spelling or sentence structure, some might believe the old adage that ‘print is dead’. Friday night offered evidence of a very different kind. According to elementary school librarian and Chairman Deb Greenwall, this year’s Young Authors season was, in many ways, the most fruitful.
The program was created in 1999 by a grant from the Sleeper Family Trust, where elementary and middle school age students– with the help of their teachers– write, illustrate, edit, assemble and “publish” books born of their own imagining. The books are then judged, awarded and celebrated at the annual banquet.
Some of this year’s entries include titles like “The Purple Shoes,” “The Hamster in Space,” and “My Cat Grew a Mustache.”
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