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Vidricksen Dies

Flags across Kansas will fly at halff-staff on Saturday in memory of longtime state Senator Ben Vidricksen, who died Monday at the age of 88. He was from Salina. Vidricksen was once chairman of the Senate Transportation and Tourism Committee, and a segment of I-135 through Saline county was dedicated in his name some years ago.

Contaminated Soil Cleanup In Iola

You may have receiuved a notice from the EPA recently about contaminated soil. The federal agency is resuming the process of cleaning up as many as 350 properties that have lead contamination. If testing shows your property has more than 800 parts per million of lead-soil contamination, the jobs will begin on September 21st. Local residents will not be charged for the work. Early 20th century industry in Iola included zinc and lead smelters that left behind dirty soil. About 700 properties have been identified as having lead contamination of more than 400 parts per million.