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National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week Kicks Off On Monday

Monday is the start of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week . Road work will increase with the nice weather on Kansas roadways and Kim Stich, spokesperson at K-DOT, wants to remind everyone of the dangers.

You can help spread the word… just wear orange on April 6th as a reminder to slow down, pay attention and be safe in work zones.

Allen County Administrator a Dead Issue

Allen County Commissioners are putting the idea of a county administrator on the back burner — or perhaps more appropriately, back in the freezer. Commissioners listened to their department heads, looked at the tight budget, and recognized that the things an administrator would do are being pretty well-covered by county Counselor Alan Weber and Clerk Sherrie Riebel quite nicely, thank you. When you put that with the fact that it’s been some time since the county rank-and-file have received any kind of pay raise, Dick Works said Tuesday the expense of an administrator just doesn’t make sense, and for him it’s a dead issue. The idea has resurfaced every few years and failed to gain traction each time.

Sorry, Chanute…KCK to Become Google, Kansas

Topeka tried calling itself Google, and that didn’t earn it the company’s new high-speed fiber optic Internet service experiment. Despite the best efforts of Chanute officials, Google didn’t pick southeast Kansas, either. However, the new service will come to Kansas first….Kansas City, Kansas, to be precise. Nearly 1,100 cities submitted applications for the ultra-high speed Internet project. Google officials say the extensive communication infrastructure in the KC metro and the low average incomes of KCK combine to make the project quick to put together and potentially of much more benefit than it might have in places like Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina or Grand Rapids, Michigan.

National Distracted Driver Awareness Month is April

April is National Distracted Driver Awareness month. In response to numerous deaths caused by texting and driving, lawyer, Jason Epstein from Seattle, WA. and other law groups from around the nation founded Teens Against Distracted Driving or TADD, a program intended to educate teens about the dangers of driving while distracted. Epstein says that texting and driving is especially deadly for teenagers.

TADD has a pledge you can sign at Kansas currently bans all drivers from texting and driving and includes all cell phone use for anyone with a restricted license.

Questionable notices from "Homeserve" spread to Kansas

If you get a notice in the mail from a company called Homeserve, you’re not alone. The company offers water line insurance, and they have no connection to the city of Iola or water management here. The Kansas Attorney General’s office is investigating the company now after six complaints have come in over the past year. Homeserve wants water customers to enroll in an insurance plan for $59.88 per year. This company is also the subject of complaints in Oklahoma. In Ponca City, residents have received mailers offering water service for $4.99 a month. Again, this company has nothing to do with local water operations and you’re under no obligation to respond.

Crash Near Yates Center Injures Two

A single-car crash last night in Woodson county sent two Yates Center residents to Allen County Hospital. Highway Patrol reports indicate Carol Willing was eastbound on Highway 54 about 6pm and drove off the south edge of the road. She over corrected as she tried to get back on the road, and rolled the car into the north ditch. It happened about 8 miles west of Yates Center and injured her and passenger David Willing, who were both wearing seat belts.

Local Businesses Seeing Funny Money

Local officials say some funny money is circulating through the Iola business community. Aileen Wilson at the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce let us know yesterday of the counterfeit bill scan, after she learned of it from Bob Droessler at the Police Department. Chamber members have been given a list of the serial numbers on a fake $100 bill and two fake $10 bills that have been copied and are being passed in the area. Officials remind merchants to take the time to verify the authenticity of bills as they are received, and to contact police if any counterfeits are passed.

Candidates Open House Will Be Held As An Open Forum

Tonight, the Candidates Open House for all of the candidates in both the Iola Mayoral race and the Iola City Council at 6:15 PM in the Iola High School Commons. Jim Talkington, who will serve as moderator to the event, says this election will bring on great change to the way Iola government is run.

The open house will be an open forum session in that each candidate will be able to stand up and tell the public a bit about themselves.

Iola Candidates Open House To Be Held Tomorrow Night

A Candidates Open House will be held tomorrow evening at the Iola High School Commons starting at 6:15 PM. All three mayoral and all of the 17 City Council candidates will be present. According to Debbie Bearden, County Coordinator for the Allen County Farm Bureau, the Open House is a one stop shop for the public to get to know the candidates before voting.

Jim Talkington will serve as moderator of the event.

Tours to resume at the Governor’s mansion

The Governor’s Mansion has been closed to tours while Governor Brownback settles in, but it will be open again in two weeks. Public tours resume again April 4th, and they’ll be available every Monday from 1 to 3:30, and every Tuesday by appointment. Tours start every half hour and last about 30 minutes.