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Federal Holiday Provides Extra Time For Taxes

If you think that April 15th is the last day to file taxes… well, this year… you are wrong. This year, Tax Day is April 18th…. Michael Devine, spokesman for the IRS says it is all because of a holiday.

Devine says that even though you have a couple of extra days to file this year, you should still file early to avoid extra penalties.

Southeast Kansas Meltdown Kick Off Date Announced

The Southeast Kansas Meltdown will kick off April 2nd with weigh-ins in nine counties. David Toland, Executive Director of Thrive Allen County says it’s easy to start the habit to a healthier life.

Over 700 people in Allen County registered for the Meltdown in the last two years and have lost thousands of pounds as a county over that period.

Serious accident on Highway 169 claims two lives

There was a bad accident late yesterday on US Highway 169 near Stanton Road. Miami County Sheriff’s deputies responded and say a passenger car was headed south on 169 when ice caused it to slide down an embankment and into a pond. The female passenger, who is reportedly from Greenley, was able to break open the sunroof and swim away. The 53-year old driver, Mary Crawford of Garnett, was trapped inside an died at the scene. A second accident occurred almost immediately after the first, and in that one a vehicle crossed the center line and struck another car. A 66-year old woman from Wisconsin died in that accident, while four others were taken to the hosptial, including a one-year old child who was reportedly ejected from the vehicle. A five mile stretch of Highway 169 was still shut down this morning as authorities investigated.

Adoption Fees Still Waived At The Allen County Animal Rescue

For the month of February, the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility waived their adoption fees in hopes to free up much needed kennel space There are also a couple of adoptions available that are completely free of charge, thanks to a good Samaritan’s donation. There are many dogs available, but Director Andi DePriest wants to highlight one special dog named Shelley.

DePriest says Shelley is a watcher and very laid back. For more information on Shelley or any other dogs, call 620-496-3647.

Kansas House Bill HB-2249 Would Ban Bath Salts That Are Used As Drugs

Kansas House Bill HB-2249 is currently being discussed to add the ban of so-called bath salts that are being ingested as drugs. One young man committed suicide last year after using the substance in St. Joe, Missouri.


Rusty Payne, a spokesman for the DEA in Washington says substances with names like Ivory Wave have nothing to do with bath salts.

The substances are being sold on the Internet and in convenience stores.

So-Called Bath Salts Being Used As Drugs With Lethal Consequences

So-called bath salts with names like “Ivory Wave,” “Vanilla Sky” and “Bliss” are being sold over the internet and in convenience stores and are being ingested as drugs. The use has spread rapidly across the U.S. prompting law makers to scramble to pass laws in an effort to ban them. Rusty Payne, Spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Agency in Washington says the use can have lethal consequences.

According to Payne, using the name bath salts is just a marketing scheme. The side effects can include heart attacks and psychological effects such as hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. The elation effects are short-lived, leading to addiction. Even scarier is the false perception that they are safe to use.

The two chemicals found in these so-called bath salts are MDPV and methodrone. The substances are being smoked, snorted and injected and have caused deaths in several states.

Gas prices on the rise

Gas prices are on a steady climb. Jessica Brady of Triple A says the prices will continue their rise into the summer.

Unrest in other parts of the world takes some of the blame, but Brady says that can be an over reaction.

Prices in Iola in the past 24 hours seem to hover right around $3.20.

New Iola Superintendent Will Hold Meeting To Meet The Community

USD 257 has named Brian Pekarek as their new superintendent of schools. In a couple of weeks, the community will have the chance to meet him face to face at a special meeting.

Pekarek comes to Iola from the Clifton-Clyde USD 224 district where he has served as superintendent for two years. He and his wife Robyn have two children, Seth, age four and Thad, age 2 and are expecting their third. The Pekareks are looking forward to raising their growing family in Iola.

Effort underway to get teens to buckle up

Law enforcement officers are looking to make sure we’re buckled up, especially teens. From Feb. 27 to March 12, law enforcement across Kansas will participate in an aggressive enforcement in and around schools to both educate and enforce the restraint laws. It’s part of an initiative called Seatbelts Are For Everyone, or S.A.F.E.. It’s a student-driven, community-based project that promotes and rewards seat belt use among teens. It’s part of 100 high schools in 27 counties. Kansas ranks 42nd in the nation in seat belt use.

Meltdown program encourages weight loss

The area is gearing up for a health initiative that will begin in April called the Southeast Kansas Meltdown. The program would encourage healthy lifestyle changes that should turn into habits of good exercise and nutrition. Communities across Allen, Cherokee, Crawford, Montgomery, Neosho, and others would participate. It’s a 10-week effort that begins April 2. The southeast quadrant of Kansas actually ranks the worst for having healthy lifestyles, according to the Kansas Health Institute. Almost 66 percent of area residents are obese or overweight. The goal is to get two thousand people to participate in the Meltdown. You can contact Thrive Allen County for more information on how to get involved. We’ll post the phone number on our website for you.