Archives for June 2010

Iola Bank Burglarized

A local bank has been burglarized. Not robbed — but broken into before it opened. Seems a thief may have forgotten they keep the money at Community National Bank in a safe when the place is closed. Police say the alarms at the bank started going off when the east window was broken, and the burglar, apparently spooked by the alarms, was back out as quickly as they were in. Oh…and besides those alarms, and in spite of everything valuable being locked in the vault for the weekend, there were plenty of cameras running. They don’t shut those off when they lock the doors, you know. Iola’s finest are on the case, as they were within seconds after the window broke.

Wrist-Slapping Fine on Seat Belt Law Starts Thursday

With all the hoopla about the new state laws coming into effect Thursday, you’d probably think the new primary seat belt law was one of them. Actually police officers, sheriffs deputies and highway patrol troopers have been able to stop you solely for not wearing a seat belt since June 10th. July 1st is when the tickets actually have a fine attached. You can be stopped and ticketed if either front seat occupant is not in a seat belt, and of course those under 18 can be ticketed for not wearing a belt anywhere in the car. For adults, the ticket isn’t as expensive as the time you’ll lose while the officer calls in your tag and writes the ticket. For the first year, the slap on the wrist will cost you five bucks — with no court costs — and starting in a year it will set you back a whopping ten dollars. Some criticize the law for the low fines — the lowest we’ve been able to find anywhere in the nation. Tickets for teens and kids who aren’t belted or in safety seats when they should be are quite a bit more expensive

USD 256 Names Half-Time Superintendent

Less than two months after Nancy Meyer left Marmaton Valley USD 256 in a money-saving move, the school board has hired a retired Missouri school administrator to lead the district. David Hardage is from Greenfield, Mo. and will take the job on a half-time basis. Board President Patti Boyd says his exact schedule is unclear. Greenfield retired in 2008 after serving as superintendent of schools for Greenfield District R-4 for five years. Meyer has since been hired as the next superintendent of schools for Holton USD 336.

Linn County Reports Lower Valuation

Allen and Neosho counties have reported property valuations are down, and Linn county officials say theirs are, too. Linn county’s appraised values have increased in certain areas, the same as we’ve reported previously is happening in Allen and Neosho counties. County Clerk David Lamb said last year’s appraised values came in at $506 million, and this year total values are down by $600,000. Much of that is driven, as it is elsewhere, but falling values for oil and gas producing properties.

Allen County Property Value Down

The value of property in Allen County has fallen 3-percent in the past year, according to figures given the county commission this week. As in Neosho county, where officials learned of the valuation drop last Friday, the biggest hit in values in Allen county came in the oil and gas field. Values of those properties were down over 4-million dollars. Most other values increased, offsetting part of the loss and creating a net loss of 2.75-million dollars. The lower valuation means about 3-percent less property tax money will be flowing into the county budget next year.

Humboldt Community Center Grant Filed

The grant proposal that would help fund a community center in Humboldt made it in just under the wire Tuesday, according to local officials. The $350,000 Community Development Block Grant was filed with the Kansas Department of Commerce. The final brick in the wall of local funding pledges was Allen County commissioners’ promise to provide $50,000 in cash to meet most of a local match of 15 percent. Humboldt has responsibility for the remaining $2,500. Originally the county was going to provide cash and in-kind services, but one of the grant requirements was that the exact dollar amount, before consideration of any in-kind services, be included in the application. If the grant materializes, the county’s cash share will come from its senior services fund, which contains about $200,000 and has no significant encumbrances.

Crash Injures One

A crash yesterday just east of Humboldt sent one person to the hospital. Highway patrol troopers report the two-vehicle crash happened about 9:30 am on Georgia Road just east of 17th. 65-year old Ralph Shults of Humboldt was trying to make a left turn off Georgia Road. he had nearly completed the turn when his 2001 PT Cruiser was struck in the side by a 2003 Navigator driven by Janet Korte of Humboldt. The impact occurred on the passenger side of the PT Cruiser. Shults was taken by ambulance to Neosho Memorial Hospital, while Korte refused medical treatment at the scene.